Localize your prices, increase your revenues

As a SaaS provider, your greatest strength is you can provide services globally.
Pricing your services in local currencies lets you take full advantage of that global presence.
With prices in multiple currencies you will...

Increase your conversions

By pricing in your customer's currency, you reduce the mental effort required to understand the value of your products and services.

Increase your MoM Growth

By tailoring your pricing to local markets, you can adopt different local strategies and optimize your month-on-month growth in each region.

Reduce your Risk

By pricing in local currencies, you can adapt your prices against exchange rate movements, protecting your revenues and growth from external factors.


Priceur lets you create and manage your SaaS prices in multiple currencies. Then, easily display pricing plans in the currency relevant to your customers. Integrate with your landing pages and your app in no time!

Multiple currency plans

Create new pricing plans in any currency you'd like in just a few clicks.

Localized pricing

Automatically show prices in a relevant currency based on your users's originating country.

Smart Pricing helpers

Use live exchange rates and pricing helpers to easily create tailored pricing plans.

Landing page integration

Update your landing page to show localised prices without changes to your existing design.

App integration

Integrate with your app using our API or Javascript library. Server side integration available.

Stripe integration

Seamlessly connect and sync with your existing products and pricing plans in Stripe.

Get Started Fast

Integration with Priceur is straight forward with zero impact on your billing workflow:

  1. Connect your Stripe Account
  2. Add additional currencies
  3. Add JS snippet to your landing and marketing pages
  4. Add markup to your pricing tables to localize them
  5. For advanced configuration, use our API or JS library to integrate with your app


Priceur offers a simpler pricing that will grow along with your non-primary currency revenue.
14 days free trial!

Limited Offer!


  • 9€ / mo
  • + 1% of MRR in non-primary currency*
* 1% of your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) generated in a currency created in Priceur (i.e. a currency other than your default primary currency).